Beyond the Semi D

Research and design proposal for new housing in Ireland, 2003

Team: Clare Lyster

40% of Ireland’s population (1.6 million) lives within 80km of Dublin. 2002 census data revealed that the greatest population increase was in an outer suburban belt between 50km and 80km from Dublin. By 2010 it is predicted that this area will become part of the GDA (Greater Dublin Authority) making it equal in size to L.A. but with ¼ the population. Beyond the Semi D is an exploration of organization systems and fabrication techniques for mass-produced, cost effective sub-urban housing prototypes. It proposes a strategy for higher density residential development on the outskirts of Dublin, Ireland through the design of a “housing platform” comprising a smart subdivision pattern and a series of typological components that offer multiple assembly options. This project attempts to locate and interpret the processes that organize domestic territory at the scale of the macro and micro landscape. This project was funded by the Arts Council of Ireland in 2001/02.

See a PDF of the research here.

Clare Lyster Urbanism and Architecture (CLUAA) 2021 — Chicago, Illinois