Diagramming Distribution Flow

Show PODs, Chicago Arts District, Installation, June 15- Sept 21 2011

Team: Clare Lyster with Patrick Finn and Frank Gossage

A series of 6' x 6' super maps of familiar corporate networks (Fed Ex, YouTube, Netflix, Amazon.com, Ryan Air) are installed in a Chicago gallery that comprises of 6 storefronts (show pods). The maps expose the complex operations of the emerging networks of contemporary city rendering visible the processes that serve post-Fordist culture. Maps produced by Clare Lyster and Patrick Finn as well as by students at UIC School of Architecture, Leslie Pepple and Maya Nash (youtube) and Megan Mc Closkey (Netflix). Installation design by Clare Lyster and Patrick Finn. Installation by Frank Gossage. Photographs by Nathan Kirkman.

Clare Lyster Urbanism and Architecture (CLUAA) 2023 — Chicago, Illinois