Kit of Patents

Terminal for the Digital Nomad

Curators: Institute for Patent Infringement, Matthew Steward, & Jane Chew
Team: Clare Lyster with Donovan Aranda & Alexandros Mpougas

The “digital nomad” is the new urban subject of the logistical era. A freelancer with no fixed abode that frequently travels to far flung locations, he or she lives flexibly in communal housing or shared accommodation, is typically employed in the tech industry or any job in the so called “gig” economy. A recent article in The Guardian, describes the digital nomad as ‘geographically dispersed subculture’ and that for these ‘citizens of the world’, the “office can be anything from a beach hut in Brisbane to a Starbucks in Seattle”. With just a backpack, the digital nomad chooses a location to live and work for a few days to a couple of months, depending on the speed of the WiFi or a visa limitation. But even nomads need infrastructure.A series of patents form Amazon’s repertoire are particularly useful in the service of a nomadic lifestyle and are hacked to produce a “terminal” and support system for the digital nomad. Technologies from the inflatable center; to climate controlled and automated workers transport to fiducial markers, among others are deployed and retrofitted to move, distribute and connect nomads together. Think of the terminal as a home away from home, where nomads put down anchor to live, work and play with other like-minded subjects. Terminals are located at all the popular traveler destinations from Singapore to Saigon to Wyoming. Welcome Home.

Clare Lyster Urbanism and Architecture (CLUAA) 2018 — Chicago, Illinois